I mainly compose music for film and TV and can deliver various edits upon request. Most of my music blends the following genres: industrial, rock, orchestral and electronica. Think NIN meets Hans Zimmer. Or James Newton Howard meets The Crystal Method. How about Audioslave meets Danny Elfman? Get the idea? :-) The songs that are posted and viewable are a one stop clearance. So please contact me if interested. Thanks for reading.
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When Moses asked God who should I tell the Pharoah of Egypt has sent me, the reply was, "Tell them 'I am' has sent you." (Exodus 3) I've always shy'd away from "I am" statements. I am a Dad. I am a husband. I am a distributor. I am an artist. I am a music producer. I am a manager. Etc Etc... I'm uncomfortable with these statements and usually use them to help someone understand what I do or what office(s) I engage. It just simply falls short of what I believe all humans aspire to...perfect fulfillment. Inner peace. These statements are typically too narrow for most (if not all) conversation. These statements are too narrow for sustaining inner peace. Because life is change. I'd rather think in terms of "I am" as God told Moses. I'd rather figure out what His Spirit within my soul is saying to me with every breath of life and each day of living. With that said, I'm extremely curious as to why I have not been able to expunge these musical passions within. I have had them so long, and life changes so much. To see that these passions have remained, it just astounds me. Nevertheless, even regardless of music, I am.

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