The Bella Fayes formed in the Summer of 2000 when former Geffen recording artist and acclaimed singer/songwriter Lael Alderman joined forces with former members of Drive (Shane Fisher on drums), Architecture (Jason Henry on keyboards and guitar), and Thrillbilly (Davey Hall on bass). Despite coming from an eclectic set of musical backgrounds, the chemistry between the four members has carried them a long way in a short amount of time.

The Bella Fayes second CD release The Truth in a Beautiful Lie demonstrates a sophisticated sense of song-craftsmanship, combining frantic live energy with tunes that are melodic and accessible. Constantly touring up and down the West Coast, the Bella Fayes have built a reputation for their good chemistry, and thus recorded the album playing together live to maintain their group dynamic. Equally inspired by classic rock tunesmiths as the attitude and angular riffs of modern indie rockers, this format exposes the song-writing talents of a
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