I'm a singer,songwriter and musician located in Perth, Western Australia.

I have just completed a new original album with Jon Farrington (Drums/ Backing Vocals) and Natalia Calderon (Backing Vocals).

The full album will be available for purchase at the 24 bit quality sound as intended at www.oglesong.com over the coming weeks.



Latest News

New album Found My Voice will be released and distributed for streaming world wide on the 21st of February.

Price of album for web site visitors is 7.99USD and includes full artwork and lyrics.

About the band...

My sincere thank you to all the following musicians for their time, expertise and support:

Jon Farrington - Drums/ Backing Vocals and Backing Vocal Arrangements
Gordon Jansen - Drums/ Percussion/ Backing Vocals
Paul Marvin - Bass/ Backing Vocals/ Harmonica
Marc Pereira - Bass
Natalia Calderon - Backing Vocals
Aliesha Burnett - Backing Vocals
Terry Vinci - Drums
Ben Roberts - Bass

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