What it Do?Im O.G.Kilo~da' CEO_of "Leathal Injection ENT."Me & Y.N.G_Rex da'Incredible create all these Thugged out Trackz...which getz Dubb'd everywhare we preform as gutta' musick~stay high emaculant beatz...so I guess U can say we give dem' Gangstaz dat' slap-back;so they can Clap-baCK~N' da' $treet$... Also tryin 2 slang sum west-koast Beatz as well...Affilliated with one of daa' hottest artists in Kali~Y-Dresta,known from da' album feat.Bizzy Bone &T-1;HoodFellaz-2,&Dresta'z_ New Album_Pay-Me>feat.da' Hit $ingle "Hell Naw"feat._Bizzy_from.Bone Thugs.&.Harmoney. PS. Support this Kalifornia Gangsta $hit...If not U's a Hate-n-azz~B**chhhhhhhhh!!!
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Ladies Get at Me for a lil R&R...I got a free ring-tone for lucky ladies that send special Pics to my e-mail @ izquisit@aol.com~ 1.916-370-5651 or ghetto notchez dat' reach out & hit my cellie might get free V.I.P. back stage passes to 2015's new years eve Party like a Rock-$tar Bash /NewYork~Newyork's Crystal-Ball~Hey-bebe..whare da' ca$h at ba$h......Su Woop!!!!!!!!Da' Real O.G.~Kilo iz outie 5000 G'..........................

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I am Manifest as of the miD.. 80ies As O.G.~Kilo~ street bread as a hustla" ,/ Good-fella"(WiseGuy) if U know what I mean ?Born in Los Angeles's _inner city slums, murderous alleywayz / Drive-By Central...Killa Kali's Bity of Fallen Angel's...Thus forth taken' you back to th' matter at hand ,Im a stet nigga' who aint never had shit , But in all tha devil's twist & multipal assults on a real nigga' that lke Pac & solja 'slim Just to name a few , Im Mean I could Just speak on malcom, martin , Queen N~Zingya, harroit tubman,& Heue, OG Tookie Ice Berg./Tookie Williams, Homie I just sayin I came up and from the depth's of a level 4_ Pen. man Im just tryan to keep it cool ..Elivate Black thought -teach these -hard heads.....how to project their never-ending energy!! 2 a productive ,benefical,& non--violent ,useful tha society sort of _way.Ive seen a lot through tha' years and it gets more & more predictable each and every year...


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