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From Rome, Italy. Played piano from the age of 5, sang church songs and operettas as soprano soloist in a choir from the age of 9, wrote poetry at 10, wrote my first pop song at 14. Went to Jazz school at 15, joined a rock band (pink floydish) as singer and co-writer at 16, joined a girl band (Jungle Gardenia) at 19 as main singer/ songwriter and keyboard player. Band had management, a record was produced (pop/ soft rock), and soon we were signed to a major record label in Italy (Fonit Cetra). The songs were all written or co-written by me and published by Warner Chappell. We got advances on royalties. All was great and the sun was shining on me. At this point who knows what happened because nothing happened, and I mean NOTHING -the label just dropped us without ever launching us. They put us in their back pocket. The sun went down. I went to record some more things as a solo artist in L.A. with the management. A&R from huge label is very interested ("...this girl is a blank check..." were the words, I believe...), again the world was ablaze with sunlight. I waited...then nothing...nothing...then after a month I heard the words: ..."she almost made it, but... the affiliates....sorry". The sun drowned. I gave away my stereo, put my keyboard in storage and signed up to a business course at university. Then I signed up to a Masters in New York, became a management consultant in a monkey suit all day(and night), then I went to work for MTV which was a little better, but got fed up of creating business plans and financial spreadsheets. I envied the artists. A lot. Then I had a baby and my world changed. I decided that I needed to be true to myself and so I resigned from the business world. So here I am again. Doing the 'sun dance'. May it SHINE!!!

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