New Middle Class lives in a modest Cape Cod style house with fiberglass siding somewhere in suburbia. It drives two second-hand cars, but has a one-car garage. New Middle Class is saving up to remodel a small bathroom...

New Middle Class is Barbara Borok (lead vox) and Mike Borok (guitar/vox). Their many songwriter awards include Grand Prize at the 2003 Music to Life Songwriting Contest at the prestigious Kerrville Folk Festival in Texas. Intertwined musically and romantically for too many years, they sing about relationships and current events gone awry, sensible footwear, compulsive shopping, the origin of the universe, and desserts.

Their songs are adventurously original, and walk a razor thin line between the funny and the serious. New Middle Class seduces you with catchy melodies, driving rhythms, distinctive vocals and harmonies, and delightfully unexpected twists and turns of the lyrics.

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You can find all information about us, in including links to songs, at

So very clever and funny! Belongs on Broadway as a "show-stopper"!!! Directed to the "Millennials" and "Snowflakes"!!!

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