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Nelson Strange was raised up on the southwest side of Chicago born in LasVegas, Nevada.
 Started out playing piano at age 5 learning classical standards while favoring ragtime piano.  
Nelson attended college at Columbia in 1983 and has worked in local Chicago studio’s since 1989.
Switching from piano to guitar at age 21. The first band was an experimental art band called  “ Millard Fillmore” in 1987 with James Rasfeld of “Acme Audio”, Kevin Aldrige of (TRIBE) and Cameron Blietz.  Later they formed "The Crash Dummies" with Fran Kondorf on bass. In 1989 Nelson went on to form “The Perfect Mistake” with Gordon Gallahager a blues based pop rock duo with Warren Flanigan on drums. In  1991 Nelson, Teak Barton and Mike Casey formed "Rest in Peace” version 1.0. This was a hard rock 3 pieces featuring Julie Kautz on Vocals. In 1993 Nelson, Teak and Mike reformed “RIP” as a power trio playing fierce hard-core punk rock. “RIP” Played in and around the tri state until 1996.
Nelson now works in his home studio recording and writing new music of all styles.

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