Natijah is the best Soul artist to come out of Toronto, being called the 'Soul of Toronto', by adoring fans, she is set to take center stage world wide and give the industry what they have been waiting for.
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Look out for Natijah's upcoming debut album entitled 'Story of my life'...coming to a CD player near you!

Who is Natijah

I?ve traveled to many places far and wide
Being judged from without, while displaying my inside
In this journey called life I've had some bad moments
But at least I will look back and say I had moments
Like when I wrote my first song at 11 years old
Putting melody to paper, it was like I struck gold
Grew up really shy so I would sing on the low
But put a mic in my hand and I was ready to blow
Papa passed it on to me, ?Little Roy? Reggae royalty
Anthems like ?Tribal war?, ?Christopher Columbus?, and ?Prophesy?
Kingston wasn?t easy but Mama held it down
Anita Baker, Minnie Rippleton, Roberta Flack was the sound
Youngest of four, the ugly duckling of five
Writing kept me going, music kept me alive
From Mobb Deep to Jill Scott, Jay-Z to Lady Lex
I pop my music in and blast it, puff puff pass next
In the mist of the storm, I found release in the booth
A place of serenity, comfort and truth
From Kingston to M city to London, UK
Pops took me to ?Peckings Studio One? that long day
Met up with Giles ?G-mix? Craig the man with the midas touch
Producer, songwriter, making hits bringing the gold rush
Launching artists like Lemar, Kele Leroc, and Mike GLC
A Way Of Life Entertainment became home to me
?Old Skool Young Blood? my first compilation
?Can?t get away? and ?Open my gate? was released to the nation
As the snowball rolls down the hill starting the ?Story of my life??
I introduce to you Natijah, that?s me, myself and high!

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over 30 days ago to Natijah

HI Natijah, loving you got my heart breaking , is this single available to buy

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