The Nathan Finfrock Band presents high-energy melodic rock with a distinctively smooth vocal edge. They pull out all the stops and delivers a cohesive, full album. The band’s appeal is expanded by their ability to connect with world-wide audiences. The music has been shared at over two hundred events around the world. Some of the key U.S. performances include visits to the Roxy, Martini Lounge, the House of Blues, and the Gig. Internationally their music was enjoyed live in the Philippines, Trinidad, Russia, Ireland, and India. Songs released from "Upon This Road” are played in Phoenix, Los Angeles, New York, Japan, and the United Kingdom. “Foreign Land” quickly found it’s way to the top five on American Idol Underground and was also featured in American Idol magazine. Several songs from their new album are also gaining popularity in more than a dozen record labels and film companies throughout the U.S. and Europe.

Nathan Finfrock

Nathan Finfrock's collection of high-energy melodic rock tunes and distinctively smooth vocal edge, along with introspective lyrics will stay with you long after the music fades! His appeal lies largely in his ability to connect with his world-wide audiences. In 2005 Nathan played over two hundred events in the U.S. and internationally. He's had key performances at the Roxy, The Gig, Martini Lounge, and the House of Blues. He's also had the privilege to tour overseas in the Philippines, Trinidad and Tobago, Russia, Ireland, and India. Whether playing acoustically or with a full band, Nathan Finfrock definitely delivers! With his latest sophomore release "Upon This Road," Nathan has definitely found his stride. He pulls out all the stops and delivers a very cohesive, full-band album, with most songs bending the spotlight toward his penetrating voice and ethereal guitar sounds. The first release from this album is "Foreign Land" which is being played in Phoenix, Los Angeles, New York, Japan and The United Kingdom. "Foreign Land" also quickly found its' way to a top 5th place finish on American Idol Underground and is soon to be featured in American Idol magazine. In addition, Nathan has been on Fox News AZ promoting his new album. Nathan's debut album "You" launched in 2004, selling over 4,000 copies while his song "The Way" became number one on the charts for over a month on ten indie radio stations. "The Way" also was picked up by Perception Films for its movie "Objects of Wrath" which was released worldwide. It's not by chance that Nathan is where he is today. He's learned from some of the best in the industry....artists such as Jerome Fontamales of Switchfoot, Jeff Dayton of Glen Campbell, Ken Mary of Alice Cooper and Dan Tomlinson from Lyle Lovett. With that lineage of experience, there's no doubt we'll be hearing even more great things from Nathan Finfrock!

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