MZ. PAKMAN is Jenny Devil Doll, LisSsa Darrow, Abby Denson, and Justina! They are a fun and rockin' NYC all-girl punk band! If you like wild girls, rock n' roll, comic books, or just laughing your ass off, MZ. PAKMAN is for you!
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The Ramones, Joan Jett, Jayne County, Blondie, Mudhoney, The Pixies, Devo, The Sweet, Suzi Quatro, El Vez, X-Ray Spex, The Runaways, The Plasmatics, my mom.


MZ. PAKMAN has been rocking out in the New York scene since 2000. We love drawing comics, rocking out, drinking suicide soda and strawberry milk, and kicking ass! Jenny Devil Doll sings, LisSsa Darrow plays guitar, Abby Denson plays bass and sings, and Justina plays drums.

  • Member Since: 2004
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