Why this name?
My old roomate had carved Time is Money in to the arm of a chair. While thinking about it, i changed my mind state to money in time.

Band History:
In 1993 WTFC Records was created with their first release to a remix of (It's going down tonight by Celly Cell), the song was never named. The members were Drowsy, Moooska and G-Rated. In 1997 Drowsy changed his name to Big Taiba because of a remix of an E-40 song. In 1998 the first CD was released that featured Rhyda, A-Wax, Moooska and G-Rated. It was called (When Taibo was Drowsy - And Fuct the World). On Taib's 18th birth day he was renamed Taibo. WTFC Records converted to Money in Time Records in 2000 and rereleased the first CD.

Taibo - Patroit Act (June 11)
Taibo - Live (2004)
Cancers - Greatest Hits, 2 Disc (2004)
7 Day Threoy - Mead Composition (2003)
Big Taibo - Taibo-Ban (2003)
Big Taibo - Taibface (2002)
Big Taibo - Terarabist (2001)
When Taibo was Drowsy - And Fuct the World (2000)

Police seize guns and drugs at a

Some of my friends called me Bin Ladin before but it really stuck after I had to pull out my SKS on 12 bloods.

Police seize guns and drugs at a wild party
by Chris Winters
Journal Reporter
BELLEVUE -- Bellevue police seized shotguns and an assault rifle along with drugs at a party Sunday morning after getting a report of a fight and possible gunshot.

(Illeagal search and seasure they had to give them back)

The tenant of the house in the 15900 block of Northeast 26th Street called police shortly after midnight because he thought his party was getting out of control, Bellevue Police spokesman Michael Chiu said.

(A bunch of blood wanta be's tried to fight me at my own house. I knocked one out, and the rest tried to jump me. A gun went off and my roomate called the police.)

At the house, police contacted about 16 people between 18 and 25 years old from Bellevue, Sammamish, Newcastle, Redmond, Issaquah and Seattle.

(Nothing to read between here.)

During questioning, police determined some people had crashed the party, provoking a physical disturbance in the back yard.

(They had been there and tried to fight me when i kicked them out.)

Police seized a Glock 9 mm handgun, a Charter Arms .38 revolver, an SKS assault rifle, a Mossberg 12-gauge shotgun, a Mauser rifle and a Sears & Roebuck 20-gauge shotgun. Police also found ammunition for all of the guns.

(Who has a gun with no ammo?)

In addition, police confiscated dried mushrooms suspected to be hallucinogenic, a plastic bag containing a white powdery substance thought to be cocaine, a bag with three small white pills, seven bags containing suspected marijuana and several miscellaneous smoking devices. The suspected drugs have not been tested, Chiu said.

(They took my Corona bong and some of the strongest shrooms i had ever had in my life. I don't fuck with the rest of the shit.)

No one in the house admitted possession of the guns or the drugs, Chiu said. No one wanted to press charges and no one was arrested.

(Why did i get my guns back bitch?)

``People were not especially forthcoming or helpful with information,'' Chiu said.

(The police treated us like the crimanals, and i will never call the police for anything in my life because of this.)

On the way to the scene, police stopped a car with several people who said they had been at the party but were not involved in the fight.

(They stopped a car full of people wearing red, one with a bloody glass jaw and let them go. Then the police came after me.)

Police did not find any evidence that a gun had been fired.

(Because they didn't search the car that they had pulled over. Came to my house with automatic weapons searched my house and everyone in it. One of the cops left his jacket. They must have been rookies, they could have got us but they fuct up the crime sean. I also found a round in my back yard the next day)

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