I have been writing songs for some time now I have a collection of about 100 songs most of which have been recorded in either a professional or amatuer settings. I have been a performer and leader of the band "Hunters Run" that had a release in 1997, and received very good reviews. I write with a mix of folk and country on the lines of Marshall Tucker, Buffalo Springfield, Alabama, Neil Young, Lynard Skynard. having a retro sound of the 70's with a taste of the new cross-over contemporary country. Billboard magazine described the style as being laid back with a hint of country but not quite.

Sounds Like: Neil Young, Hootie and the Blowfish

Mitchell Hunter

Mitchell Hunter gained his notoriety as the lead member of Hunters Run, a group formed in late 1996 under the direction of Charles Greene (Now deceased) The group had a release in 1997, a two song record consisting of tracks tittled; "You and Me", and "I'm Free", both songs are performed and written by Mitchell Himself.

Hunter has been compared to sounding much like a Country/Folk Pop style, fitting nicely into the Adult Contemporary field. The record received quality reviews but do to the lack of promotion didn't get off the ground as expected. The untimely death of thier manager Charles Greene was a large factor in the records success. However , the record did manage to get airplay on local stations and over seas and received many write ups of positive nature.
Hunter has written over 100 songs that he has made available to the public all equally catchy and attractive as the release of 1997.


J Nelson K
over 30 days ago to Mitchell Maybury Hunter

Rev. Mitchell, Just Listened To "You And Me" And "Turn My Way" (My Son Has A Song Of The Same Name ... (:>o) ... & Enjoyed Them. Reading Your Bio Looks Like We Share Many Of The Same Influences ... Also Hearing The "Buffalo Springfield Effect" On "Turn My Way" ... Have A Blessed Holy / Easter Week With Best Wishes For Your Continued Success Wherever Faith, Life & The Music May Lead You ... J Nelson K

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Mitchell Maybury Hunter
over 30 days ago

Thank you ,Peace be with you and best of luck to your sons writing as well. Peace.

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