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The Talented Mista Johnson

South Bronx, the birthplace of
Hip-Hop, Mista Johnson A.K.A.
surrounded by a powerful urban
musical influence. This influence
enabled Mista Johnson to
develop a vibrant ear and love
for music. Johnson quickly
acquired this culture and style of
music. "This music," says
Johnson, " simultaneously is a
temporary escape from the
many worries of the world as
well as an outlet to attack issues
concerning youth nationally and
internationally". Having been
raised in a working two-parent
household, Johnson learned at
an early age that nothing in life
comes easy and if in fact it does,
the hard work is in maintaining
it. Johnson's father, a Rockland
County Police Officer and
mother, a successful Realtor
instilled an impenetrable code of
morals and ethics in the young
Mista Johnson. This allowed him
to become a grounded and
levelheaded young man in a
neighborhood besieged with
temptations and trials. Part of
Johnson's calling to music began
with his acceptance to the
Fiorello H. LaGuardia School of
Music and Art where he later
graduated. At LaGuardia,
drawing and painting were
learned and refined. Coupled
with Johnson's urban
background, LaGuardia merged
the natural musical talents and
art training to the music he was
called to create. After high
school, Johnson adopted the
name of "C-Money" landing a
recording contract with a small
independent label for the release
of his first single entitled "Ladies
Can I Have Your Attention"
produced by V. Padilla and C.
Johnson. Not only did C-Money
earn the attention from the
ladies, but the hot single also
managed to get reviews all the
way from Europe's own Hip-Hop
columnist Tim Westwood,
"Ladies" was also the single that
was noticed by I.N.D.I, an
independent music distribution
company who created an
umbrella of record labels for
distribution. After months of
negotiating Johnson and Padilla
were asked to head their own
label under the I.N.D.I umbrella.
The label was called "Krazie
Noise records''. In 1991, Krazie
Noise records released 12 inch
singles "Is It Good To Ya'', "No
Justice, No Peace'' and "The
More Get" featuring Carolyn
Harding. Just to prove how
Johnson's music stands the test
of time, the single "Ladies Can I
Have Your Attention" has been
recently re-released under an
exclusive licensing deal with
California based label "Stone
Throw records." Under the
auspices of Krazie Noise,
Johnson experienced success in
and out of the studio. He learned
more about the labor and
precision that marketing and
promotion decisions call for.
Johnson graduated with a better
knowledge of the music business
as well as a deeper desire to get
his message to the masses and
achieve excellence and success
in Hip-Hop. Johnson ventured
out, networked and began to
ghost write for "The Ghetto
Girls", "The Get Fresh Crew",
"Shazzy", "The Beat Nutz" and
"Black Attack". In 1993, Johnson
wrote and produced the 12-inch
single for Electra recording artist
"Shazzy" entitled, "Ghetto's burg
Address". This single was
selected to be the first release
from Shazzy's album along with
a video for the single that did
feature Mista Johnson. Since
then, Johnson, as well as
producer's "V.I.C". "BLACK CREE"
and DJ "CHILL WILL" of the
legendary "Doug E. Fresh and
The Get Fresh Crew'' have
collaborated their Hip-Hop savvy
to create a project that will most
definitely be a refreshing and
new flavor for Hip-Hop's thirsting

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