music composed, played and produced by Greg Innes

This upbeat yet mello folker-rocker uses a style of catchy rhythm which incorporates acoustic guitar similar to Dillon/JJohnson. The music is then charged with a full compliment of instruments in an electronic beat production style (Beck) - the result is MindFire. Very easy to listen to and full of hooks. Greg aims for personality in modern music.

Lyrically the music is rich and deep with intelligent poetry - topics covering many aspects of the human condition, including environment, geopolitical, enlightenment and love. "MindFire" describes the burning of old paradigms, which are now outdated.

Greg writes voraciously - "channelling" music and lyrics creatively at the speed of roughly 3 songs produced / week, captured on his home projects studio.
"Rise up with no cover, no shame.
Cascade chemical in bloodstream run,
my world will never be the same"
from Getting Higher On Your


MindFire is the brainchild music of Greg Innes. Greg lives in Victoria BC Canada. Greg "channels" music from his ocean side retreat. His lyrics are an expression of the current human condition and geopolitical situation which also implicates the environmment. Greg's lyrics also reflect the need for change in the world and hope for a new paradigm in the near future. He writes on acoustic guitar and records on a home projects studio with as many instruments as he can get his hands on. His inspirations are Bob Dillon, Beck, Bob Marley, U2, Bruce Cockburn, Doors and Bjork to name a few, as well as many incredible artists on Broadjam.com . Greg writes/produces 2-3 songs per week and could write more if he were a full time musician. Greg plays guitar, bass, keyboard, and programs electronic drum. Good friend John Thomas drums on some tracks as well. Greg prides himself on his production capabilities which are modelled after Beck and D.Lanois. This music is art with personality.


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Hello Friends, thanks for your support. I would ask that you go to www.reverbnation.com/markgriffis to hear my new single Inna Jah House. I look forward to seeing you all there

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