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Growing up in Montego Bay, Jamaica; Reggae Artist Mikey Gits was influenced by music from his youth. His earliest memories are listening to his father’s recordings of Sam Cooke, Earth Wind and Fire, the Commodores, and his mother singing gospel and country songs. Mikey says, My parents were into early R&B and gospel music and they got me hooked. My early exposure to music provided me with a solid foundation and understanding of song creation, lyric flow, and how to put a great melody together. Since the age of 13, Mikey Gits has been performing professionally at resorts throughout Jamaica. He also performed with the popular high school band, Mystic Force, with reggae greats Benjy Myaz, Mark Steele and Paul Kastick. Mikey, A key member of a nationally acclaimed high school orchestra which won gold medals throughout Jamaica, he was awarded individual gold medals for his solo trombone performances. Expanding himself as a musician Mikey toured, playing guitar, with some of the most renowned acts in reggae music, including Michael Rose, Wailing Souls, Sanchez, and Bounty Killer. Recent performances include dates with Mikey Dread, Ken Boothe, and Dobbie Dobson. Mikey also provided guitar tracks for, Diana King’s re-make of the prince classic “Do Me Baby." and continues to work in the studio on many veteran and up and coming artist new cd's. It was just a matter of time that Mikey would break out as a solo artist. Writing while touring all over the world, holding onto songs brewing from his youth. Everything… In time expands upon the vast musical index of Mikey’s talent, personal essence and struggles explored passionately throughout his album. Mikey says, I do not perform for the glitz or glamour; I perform because music is a part of me. I would be lost if I didn't have music in my life.
In an interview on California’s, Uptown Ranking Reggae Show, on KUCI 88.9FM Irvine, Big Jim Snidow raved about Mikey. He said, Mikey Gits is an artist whose love for Reggae and Jamaica is well evident in his material. His song "Song for Jamaica" to me seems to be a prayer and a plea for his native Land. Its soaring harmony and gentle binghi drum touches both the past and future of reggae music, and it reminds us that we all play a part and we have value in the bigger scheme of things. Mikey told me he felt this song come to him and he felt moved to create the song. I hear this as a return to what is important in this world, life, freedom, a sense of community and that one can make a difference upon the world. I would urge people to see Mikey live in concert, hear his music and melody. It just might touch your soul. Mikey Gits just finished recording his debut album Everything… In Time. The 14 track album, to be released in August 2007, showcases Mikey’s sharp inventory of talents. Writing all tracks, playing most of the instruments, and producing all 14 songs, Everything… In Time embraces his message of love and strength, the very fabric of his life, woven melodically throughout his album. Its musical core is clearly roots reggae seasoned with Mikey’s electrifying guitars and other flavors. This album clearly defines Mikey as an artist. To promote the release of his album, Everything… In time, Gits has been honored to be a part of the Crocs Pro Beach Volleyball Tour this summer. Gits performances surely energize, uplift, and refresh a hot summer season at one of the biggest events for professional beach volleyball of the year! Check out Mikey being interviewed on Dig TV, and firing up the stage on tour with the pro beach volleyball players on www.avp.com. With a smooth, distinctive sound, captivating lyrics, inviting personality, and a dedication that has never been deterred, Mikey Gits is set to make his mark in the reggae music world.

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