"Everytime you play out I never know what to expect from you"

That is a quote from a colleague here in Nashville. I take my writing cues from the music I believe to be the best, most creative and diverse of all time-Classic Rock. My goal as a songwriter has always been to use as many musical influences as I possibly can.

I write a lot about love and relationships. My first disc ALL I NEED is full of angst and frustration. BOYS LIE is after the divorce:-) All I wanted was to make a recording you could crank up and sing a-long with.

Currently, I'm working on an acoustic record and for the first time in my life I have a song that has a bit of a Bluegrass flavor. (I think Nash-Vegas is getting to me.) Simultaneously with cutting the acoustic record I'm also recording more rock material similar to the stuff on BOYS LIE.
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