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Boca Raton, Florida - When you think about easy, easy listening, you automatically think of Michael Lipsich. You would never know that he may be a retired ophthalmologist. Yes, talent he has. Now listen to one, two or all of his songs. They are smooth and blend in to any activity. You hear a fusion of romantic ballads, light jazz with a twist of Latin beats. His music is very popular all over the world - from Australia, New Zealand to America.

Listening to his music, you think of affairs of all types - from weddings, to corporate affairs, to sitting back with your special someone with a glass of wine......well, you can create whatever activity you want under the spell of Michael Lipsich. Get off your feet and dance with your partner to any of his tunes. What a pure delight! The blend of instrumentals in his music are so precise and so effective that you can't help but move to every note. These songs create such an ambience and energy around you that you just can't deny it's effect.

Michael's new singles, "Afternoon Delight", Rush Street Blues" and "You And You Alone" are off of his newest CD, "South Beach Scene". Each one of these particular songs has a special meaning to him. "Afternoon Delight" is a cute name that was given for something that he believes represents South Beach. "You And You Alone" was written for his wife and his thoughts behind "Rush Street Blues", was a great song for a movie theme or TV show.

This new CD has been released both digitally and physically. And don't stop there. There are two CD's before this one that will wow you also. Check out "The Chicago Side Of Me" and "Apple Martini".

He has sold one of his songs to the ABC television network for a television series called Notes From The Underbelly. His music is available on iTunes, Amazonmp3, Napster, Rhapsody and Lala.com. There are no plans at this time to tour as he is too busy creating at this time.

For more information on Michael Lipsich, please contact www.arselect.com. You can also listen to his fabulous music by visiting www.michaellipsich.com, or www.myspace.com/michaellipsich

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