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Writing and Communicating have always played a major role in Michael Jon's professional career. His writing is influenced deeply by personal experiences and reflects his Midwestern roots. Michael Jon has demonstrated both creativity and versatility in style and genre in his songs. As he explains, "I enjoy challenging my creativity in conveying words into emotions through the art of storytelling and painting mental pictures through music. His objective is to be "Fresh and Different" in the stories he crafts through lyrical and music arrangements.
For Michael Jon, "Songwriting is very challenging, your material is competing with the Best of the Best. When your creativity leads you to The Perfect Economy of Words mixed with Memorable Melodies that listeners ENJOY...
You're rewarded with a great sense of accomplishment".


Love your songs and would love to connect with you on facebook for more information. https://www.facebook.com/mailarsen7 1?ref=bookmarks

Ed Verner
over 30 days ago to Michael Jon Schlichting

Bug Guts... just reviewed and smiled... made me think of one of mine and was wondering did you produce this song yourself or enjoy collaboration on it for production?

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Michael Jon Schlichting
over 30 days ago

Thanks Ed. I'm new to Broadjam. Just starting to find my way around the site. I'm a songwriter, not a performer. I was involved in the production and arrangement of both Bug guts & Lady Let at Kim Copeland Studios in Nashville. I had a blast. Thanks for such a nice review!

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