We are a pair of guys that focuses on writing as many different songs in as many different genres as we can. When we started this venture, we wrote almost a song every two weeks. We've since slowed down on the sheer quantity of songs to provide a little better quality.

We are a one stop shop. We can write a song for you or with you. We can master mixes. We can take your promo pictures. We can record large groups. We have a state-of-the-art recording facility.

E-Mail us at Production@MerJermusiK.Com
Or visit us at WWW.MerJermusiK.Com

By the way, we were this close to naming it Martini musiK


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We are building a 1400 sq. ft. photo and recording studio. It's on I-240 between Bryant and Sunny Lane. We're a few months out from completion, but it's going to be a top-notch facility.

MerJer musiK

What can I say? I (Marlon) was trying out a local band and didn't care for them... except the drummer. I told the band members that anytime they wanted to record, they could come by my studio and do it for free. Only the drummer (Jim) took me up on the offer.

Anyway, Jim and I started writing music... copious amounts of it. We came up with this idea of being able to write for or with anybody. and Jim came up with the name MerJer (the M and the J were a great idea).

Give our stuff a listen. If you don't like a song, move on to the next. We don't write in any particular style or genre. Instead, we write in all genres. We have included, what we consider to be, our most "commercial" stuff here.


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MerJer musiK
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Coming soon... MerJer musiK Studio!

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