M.E.L.L.Y. (mind, elevated, living, loving, yearning)

Jazzy enough to attract fans of jazz and fusion, yet consistently melodic enough to satisfy lovers of neo-soul. He can't be pinned down. Ever since people began to organize sound into patterns of pitch and rhythm, music has always been a source of energy and inspiration. A healing force. Soulful melodies soar above hip-hop influenced rhythms.

In the bosom of creativity rest the work of true talent. It is in that coveted space that the artistic boundaries are limitless; therefore, natural skill can blossom in a healthy manner. He likes to write music that he feels somebody is going through. "I make music for the soul. I'm not scared to throw a little of my sensitivity in 'cuz we're all humans'. Melodic, Abstract, Soulful, Music inspired from reality... Powerful emotional content without being overbearing... The music is chemistry.

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Born in Washington D.C., raised in Southern California, Waberi stood firm on her love for music @ a very early age. Being raised by her grandparents, who were straight-ahead jazz enthusiasts (her grandmother was a tap dancer with The Nicholas Brothers), she was exposed to the original recordings of such deeply-connected musicians as Coltrane, Ellington, Nancy, Mahalia, Billy, Betty, Sarah, Monk, Miles... and the sensibilities of these souls were firmly rooted within her musical reference.

Also, the contemporary music of her parents' generation was appealing and still divinely-expressive: Earth, Wind & Fire, Parliament, The Jones Girls, Phoebe Snow, Natalie Cole, Emotions, Enchantment, Ohio Players, Johnny "Guitar" Watson, War, Bobby Womack, Rose Royce, were bringing R&B and Soul music into the house and Waberi was nuanced by that music as well.

Waberi studied music throughout childhood, from school choirs, to community plays, and local church and social groups. She was writing poetry and short stories as well. As college loomed, she felt she could not dedicate 4 years to anymore classrooms unless they were specifically music related. In order to remain connected to learning music, she chose music as a major course of study at Langston University, specifically Classical Voice. "I couldn't play an instrument well enough to major in it but I could sing and for some reason, I thought being a voice major meant I could just sing what I liked. So I was a voice major... I had no idea it would be Opera."

It turned out to be the best experience any vocalist could have.
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