This is my page to Show off Music I've produced, right now im workin on a full album from Hoodsent Entertainment, doing everything from recording to mixing and mastering the songs. Check this page out to see the quality work i can do and also to see that the artists I work with are top notch. If you want to sound this good and you live in las vegas, have no fear I'll record you at my home studio and have your music sound real good. I can also get you into the professional studio but it would cost around $60/an hour. If your on a budget then the ideal recording place would be my home studio, in which case i could do it for 20 bux an hour. Reasonable Right? Message me either through this page, or my myspace if you have any questions.

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Right now I am currently Working On an Album entitled "The Intro" with P.T. Freeze, Absolute, and Maj from Hoodsent Entertainment. Every track is a banger, I figured I'll post "InTraffic" up to give you a little taste of what exactly I'm working on. Enjoy! Also, drop me a myspace or message me and lemme know what you think.


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