“There's a multitude of acoustic singer/songwriters out there, but what makes the best stand out, in my mind, is the ability to convey strong feeling with a minimum of instrumentation. Puckett succeeds tremendously. The seven songs [on ‘Sad Little Car’] are quiet and moody yet undeniably catchy in ways that nods to Puckett's rock sensibilities.” -Jeff Marsh (www.adequacy.net)

“Matthew Puckett emerges as a formidable lyricist with raw insights and great compassion…he covers all the musical bases… sit back and patiently watch him work his magic.” –Alex Green, SOMA Magazine

“Sporting pretty melodies and arrangements…NYC indie up-and-comer Matthew Puckett is near perfect for commercial alternative stations. (Matthew) …originally attracted attention in the critically acclaimed film ‘Spanking the Monkey’.” – Diana Darzin, CASH BOX Magazine

“…A hunky, rough-hewn singer-songwriter” – Time Out NY.

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“Alternative-Folk with a charismatic vocal performance from singer/songwriter/guitarist Matthew Puckett. Fine melodies, insightful lyrics and genuine warmth wins.” ****. --The Music Paper.

“Matthew Puckett has the knack for crafting larger- than- life, extremely radio friendly hooks…”
-Jeremy Schneyer, Splendid E-Zine

“… (on) an EP which showcases leader Matthew Puckett’s acoustic work… ‘Sad Little Car’ and ‘Come Here Honey’ are from an indie film, ‘Particles of Truth’ (Starring Gale Harold from Showtime’s ‘Queer as Folk’, due in theaters 2004), and are affecting tunes whose bittersweet hooks and wistful lead vocals make for a compelling listen. These are songs whose strengths sneak up on you. Agile indie labels should call.”
-Music Connection Magazine

“Charismatic vocal performances and a solid rocking rhythm section…Puckett blends pure pop sensibilities with urban rhythmic grooves.” - Circus Magazine.
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