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Don't miss Marty Williams in concert on April 30th. The Mildred Owen Concert Hall in Pacifica, CA. Great venue, great music -- be there!

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Marty Williams

Bay Area jazz pianist and vocalist, Marty Williams, was called "The Catalyst" by San Francisco Chronicle critic Phil Elwood. Anna DeLeon of Anna's Jazz Island recently said: "Marty Williams is one of the Bay Area's treasures. His piano playing and singing are passionate, humorous, and unique. Think Oscar Brown Jr. plus Mose Allison plus Monk with just a dash of Redd Foxx! Yes, unique!"

Marty's formal training came well after he received his "calling" -- he tells the story of a snowy night in Milwaukee listening to Ahmad Jamal's album "Voices" as a turning point for him. Listening to that album and pondering the questions a young man faces in his life, Marty knew his destiny was to play the piano. As with so many great jazz pianists, Marty's spirit taught him to play the music he felt.

Through his career Marty has played at numerous venues and with many other notable musicians in the US and abroad. He has been part of the San Francisco jazz scene well over 25 years and plays regularly with world-class musicians, guitarist Eric Swinderman, bassist, Ruth Davies and drummer, Ranzel Merritt. His most significant influences include Hampton Hawes, Les McCann, Ahmad Jamal, Thelonious Monk, Ramsey Lewis, Herbie Hancock, Shirley Horn, Miles Davis and Junior Mance, just to name a few...

In addition to his work as a performing artist, Marty's writing, arranging, composing and producing abilities are enhanced by his certification as an Apple Certified Logic Pro.

Marty's Discography:
"Just For Now"
"The Last Stop"
"The Catalyst"
"Fool on The Hill"
"It's No Illusion"
"Moon Bay Sessions" with DJ Drez
"The Complete Moon Bay Sessions" with DJ Drez
"In Pursuit of the Sound" with Eric Swinderman
"On The Rocks" with Deb Silva

Marty's most recent CD, soon to be released, "Long Time Comin" showcases his inviting style and incredible talent. In his liner notes, he invites us to listen closely to his voice on the piano and in his interpretation of some of his favorite tunes. He tells us there's a story there that just might give us some insight into the life of a very talented musician who has spent his life in pursuit of his own voice and of his dreams.

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