Marinho Nobre's music is the result of years of blended influences and collaborations as an accomplished writer, producer, arranger and multi-instrumentalist. His composing style is becoming steadily well known as one with trademarks of a rather bold approach, insane attention to detail and the constant creation of the unexpected.

With a growing credit list of award winning films, when not involved in concert work and conducting live orchestral recordings, Marinho works from his private state of the art Pro Tools HD Mac driven digital recording facility in Long Island City, New York, where along with his small staff he gathers a myriad of sound libraries, synths, guitars, ethnic instruments, water bowls, sheet metals and anything that can bring the sounds inside his mind to reality.

Latest News

WINNER - Best use of a score on a short film subject - (The Angel ) Medal of Excellence - Park City Film Music Festival - 2007

NOMINATED - Best Score on a Short film
2007 Film and TV Music Awards

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