Marc Pattison is a prolific songwriter and musician.
He has been composing/producing music for over 20 years.
He is endorsed by ESP, Line 6, DiMarzio, Steinberg Software,Morley, Sabine, Dean Markley, etc. His guitar music has been played on televsion, radio bumpers and in video games . He has been downloaded over 1 million times since '99, the site Marc uses to submit music to, won't allow 3 bios, so he is unable to create bios for his different styles and projects . His projects are broken down below:

His vocal rock music is a trio(Monatomik) that features him as a guitarist, songwriter of music, melodies and lyrics with vocalist/drummer Bud Salvetti and bassist Larry Smith. They are continually gigging, writing and rehearsing

His RnB material it is part of the Duo he is part of with RnB singer Eliot Darling called "Creative Difference"

Marc's dance music and intrumetal music is what got him started in the music business and got him his en

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Marc is currently producing music in many styles, both as a solo artist and for other artists as well. He is currently pursuing the placement of his solo and band musi and the artists he producies in several arms of the music industry, from television and movie soundtracks to a pop, rock or RnB/Hip hop album contract


EVH,Angus and Malcom Young, Vai,Satriani,Lynch,Kings X,Hoobastank, Linkin Park


Marc Pattison has been playing guitar now for 25 years and is currently endorsed by Line 6 amplifiers, ESP guitars, Dimarzio Pickups, Sabine Tuners, Dean Markley strings, Morley wah pedals and Steinberg recording software. Since 1999 he has been download over 500,000 times, featured on a few compilation CDs, including the latest CD compilation that Morley put out Globally where Marc was one of 5 artists featured including Steve Vai. He has had songs on MTV "Undressed" and has also performed and appeared on KSJO in Northern California several times. His music is played on KSJO daily as bumpers on KSJO's "The Mikey Show", Northern California's largest rock/alternative station which is also syndicated in San Diego and Dallas. Marc continues to write and record instrumental music and is also usually involved in other projects as well ranging from pop, to metal as either a performer or producer/engineer.
He is currently Co-writing and producing RnB artist/Singer Eliot Darling, and in a new Rock band Called MonAtomiK which are currently recording their first demo for shopping as well.

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