Bio Of Maddy J

Bio of Maddy"J"

The Likes and History Of Maddy "J" is easy enough. Singing in coffeehouses since she was 18, "J's" venues include the bars and the free wheeling stages of New York and Pennsylvania: all part and parcel for her presence.

Maddy "J" was born Madeline Jacobs in Brooklyn, New York and raised on the shores of Long Island. In her college years, "J" moved to the northern upstate areas of Plattsburgh and Saratoga County. For Jacobs/"J" New York has been her foundation, her musical playground. Maddy's been writing and singing her songs since college, they range from Pop/Blues to Country, Jazz and Ballads. Influenced by writers and vocalists like Joni Mitchell, Carole King, Karla Bontoff, Christie Hynde, Peggy Lee, Sher and Mildred Bailey.

"J's" songs press at the heart. Picking "slices of life" mixed in with romantic relationships good and bad- J's lyrics seem to Reflect a kind of questioning and disillusionment, winning, losing, could bring.

She's been heard at Hathaway's in Bloomfield, NJ; Brick House Brewery Patchogue, NY : CafÃÆ'Æ'Æ'ÃÆ'ââ,¬Â 'ÃÆ'Æ',ÃÆ',Ã,Ã,© Lena's in Saratoga Springs, NY; Munchabas in Levittown, NY; And Giovanni's Atrium In Downtown Manhattan. You may have seen her at a JustPlainFolks' showcase sponsored by Taxi at The Park Side Lounge in NYC, or with The September Concert Organization in New York City,( showcasing over 500 musicians, singers and songwriters to memorialize the September 11th tragedy). In New York's SoHo district, she was greeted warmly by Green Street's cafe, "Space Untitled".

Maddy "J" has collaborated with Thomas Johnson, former picker for" Hee Haw," on songs like Living Without You and Lost In The World With Your Love. The Hounds are comprised of various musicians she has worked with at one time or another, including Tracey Hamilton,(Bass Guitar) Jeff Webb (Drummer) and James Darden (Sax) Also with Jack Licitra a familiar Pop/Blues piano player/singer/songwriter/guitarist on NY's Long Island, for her song " Constant to Constant. " Also, with musician's like the great Jazz drummer Jeff "Tain" Watts(Played on the tonight show; with George Benson) J" had the permission from him to write lyrics to a composition using his music for her CD and live performances of his "Attainment".

Her R&B soul-mate is Farris Blount (Piano and Key boards) From Houston Texas On their piece "When Love Changes, And a piece of for a film about Young Davey Crockett (*J wrote the Ballads lyrics and music for with arrangement and music contribution by Blount ) ;about young Davey Crocket in the pioneer spirit , called "Part Of The Greater Frontier" . Lately, young music artist Caper Simmons does a strong electronic a twist in music on J's extracted Flippant lyric's about suicide on a train track, In their song "Why Don't You Know?" More recently she's collaborated writing lyrics and performing vocals for artist such as musician Byron Elliott from London, England on his contemporary Jazz/dance beat music for a song he titled, " Spirit" , "Before I Find You" And "Journey"

Maddy "J makes her working home in Long Island New York maintaining a home in upstate Saratoga County. There, "J" runs and plays with her beagles.
Keep your eyes open and Maddy J's embarrassed laugh or quiet charm can captivates you. Her dark almond eyes convey conviction.

The outgoing woman embarrassed by her own popularity especially with love songs. Women understand, relate to her; men are disarmed. Closing your eyes, J's vocals criss-cross between Christie Hynde's simplicity, Sher's raw sound and raw emotion, that touches Joni Mitchell higher notes of inspirational soft sadness.
J's music,simple, warm ; lyrics memorable, sensual connecting, insisting on pulling you into her groove.

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