Loyal fans describe their music as "epic", "dark", or "post-industrial, heavy rock with strong and at the same time vulnerable vocals; some say their sound is like Evanescence meets A Perfect Circle

Lucid Fly founders Nikki Layne and Doug Mecca joined forces in Orlando, Florida in 2001. The band exploded onto the Orlando music scene and quickly gained a large and devoted following. 2005 saw the release of their debut EP, Adapting To Gravity.

After playing venues all over Florida for a couple of years, singer Nikki and guitarist Doug saw it was time to head out to California to win over the West Coast. In L.A., they teamed up with drummer Aaron Ficca, who has toured with acts like Macy Gray, and bassist Go Nakabayashi, who quit a successful, signed band in Japan to pursue his dream of making it in the US. In 2009, the band released a second EP titled The Escape Stage which has received stellar feedback and has also continued to grab audiences attention and widen their fan base.

Latest News

Check out our latest video for our song "Means to an End" from our EP titled "The Escape Stage" - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X8et-f9wZ3E

Lucid Fly has spent the last few months working on new material for their upcoming full length album. Their songwriting is stronger than ever, and the band is excited to head into the studio to record in the Summer 2014.

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Although our music in a blend of our influences, we could share the stage easily with bands such as:
A Perfect Circle
Finger 11
Linkin Park
Our Lady Peace


A Perfect Circle, Hooverphonic, Finger 11, Prince, Baxter, Heart, Mudvayne, Frou Frou, 7dust, Incubus, Tool, Chris Cornell...vocally: Maynard, Benatar, Imogen Heap, Stevie Nicks, Ann Wilson, Cornell


Lucid Fly is a female fronted hard rock band that can easily share the stage with bands the likes of A Perfect Circle to Incubus, Sevendust to Linkin Park, Fuel to Our Lady Peace, No Doubt to Creed...

Lucid Fly is for anyone who connects with music with an edge of any kind, from powerful riff-based bands like Sevendust, to goosebump-raising sexy vocals of the likes of Fiona Apple or Imogen Heap, along with intricate songwriting and guitar stylings of intelligent modern bands like Incubus, all the while having extreme marketable, accessible appeal.

Yet despite the instantly appealing hooks, Lucid Fly’s songs grow on listeners by catching them off guard with a unique voice then pulling them in until they find themselves reciting the lyrics and leaving the cd in the player for listen after listen...

With intensity that can only be pulled off by musicians who live their music, Lucid Fly can entrance audiences with undeniably strong songs and energy, which they do regionally throughout the southeast, with tourdates from Lexington, KY to Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

The band also has received radio play on stations from South Carolina to Miami, FL, and has major internet presence with artist pages on dozens of music related sites and internet radio stations. Well over 2000 copies of Lucid Fly's demo have been distributed througout the southeast and at music conferences as far as the band has travelled including KY and PA. Their first EP will be out in late Spring 2004.

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