LOVE X STEREO infused electronic elements to their original alternative pop, punk rock vibe to create new authentic sound. LOVE X STEREO is all about experimenting new sounds, new music and new visions.

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LOVE X STEREO's new EP album "OFF THE GRID" is on itunes right now!


1998~2011 - Performed as SKREW ATTACK, Korea's very first skate rock band
Dec. 2011. - Decision has made to change band name to LOVE X STEREO
(SKREW ATTACK still remains as Korea's punk rock band)
Dec. 2011 - Release of 1st EP album (digital album) "Buzzin'"
Jan. 2012 - Release of cover art for The Smashing Pumpkins' hit single "1979"
Mar. 2012 - Release of cover art for The Pixies' hit track "Wave Of Mutilation"
Apr. 2012 - LOOSE UNION Official Launch Party
May. 2012 - Opening gig for Asobi Seksu (USA)
Jun. 2012 - Performed at Daejeon Art Mart (Daejeon City)
Jun. 2012 - Performed at 3rd Uday Festival
Jul. 2012 - Performed at Jisan Valley Rock Festival Preview (MPUB)
Jul. 2012 - Performed at 2012 Jisan Valley Rock Festival
Aug. 2012 - Performed at POWWOW! Launch Festival
Sep. 2012 - Performed at RockDo Festival
Oct. 2012 - Performed at 2012 COSMOS MUSICIAN'S DAY (Platoon Kunsthalle)
Oct. 2012 - Opening gig for The KDMS (UK)
Oct. 2012 - Performed at Zandari Festa
Oct. 2012 - Performed at HBC (Haebangchon) Festival
Oct. 2012 - Performed at Zombie Walk After Party
Oct. 2012 - Performed at Some Kind of Youth Vol.1 @ Hongdae Playground
Nov. 2012 - EP album "Off The Grid" released
Nov. 2012 - Performed at The Big Fishes BYOB
Nov. 2012 - Performed at Three great acts from Seoul (Cheonan City)
Dec. 2012 - Performed at Rubber Seoul (Aids Fundraiser)
Dec. 2012 - Performed at SUPER SKETCH+
Dec. 2012 - Performed at Welli Hilli Park New Year's Eve Festival
Jan. 2013 - Release of cover art for film '28 Days Later' soundtrack "In the House, In a Heartbeat (by John Murphy)"
Jan. 2013 - Performed at opening gig for Korean pop art exhibition "Heroes and Zombies"
Feb. 2013 - Performed at ROOTS & RESPECT show
Feb. 2013 - Opening gig for The Bosons (Australia)
Mar. 2013 - Japan tour scheduled


LOVE X STEREO is an electro rock band based in Seoul, Korea. LOVE X STEREO's music is authentic electronic music based in alternative and punk rock from the 90s. With its free use of synthesizing and effects, LOVE X STEREO's music is danceable.
With each of the members possessing more than a decade of experience under their belt, the sound testifies to all they have achieved to date. Its members are more sensitive to their sound than anyone else, and they focus on the "live quality" to the point of not making any music without this characteristic. People are watching with interest to see the next step taken by these consummate professionals, who handle all of their own composing, lyrics, and producing, as well as recording and mixing.
Despite the fact that many genres aside from K-pop are being completely excluded in the harsh environment of Korean music industry, its consistency in creating well-produced, visionary music continues to attract global attention.

* Influences
Electronic, rock, alternative and punk music, especially from the 90s ---
New Order, The Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Sound Garden, Flaming Lips, The Clash, Mogwai, The Chemical Brothers, Prodigy, Massive Attack, Alice in Chains, Oasis etc.

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