Lost Alma is the sound of singer-songwriter Henrik Stahlhuts musical outlet. A sound that often is melancholic and made by a simpel orchestration, that in a beautyful and fragile way interact with the personal, intimate and atmospheric songs.

Songs that aim more for your heart than your feet!

Lost Alma promoted their debut album "You Cant Stop the Silence" with more than 60 shows around the european union.
All this touring has made Lost Alma into a genuine and soulful live act! Dont miss it!

Listen here: www.myspace.com/lostalma and see upcoming and previous shows here: www.lostalma.com

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Yes! In May I'm gonna record my second Lost Alma album. It will be a very low key instrument set up. Basic tracks will be only western guitar and upright bass. Then we'll add lab steel and other slide guitars.
I'm SO looking forward to it.


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