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Lloyd,Thank you for the review of "HUSH-A-BY-DARLING" It is from my first cd of Celtic lullaby's for my granddaughters when they were small... it is the one song I always, would love to have had a video made in full movie mode of a mother singing to an infant in a cradle...knowing one day he would grow to be a Clan leader and to be a riever for the survival of the clan... to the outside world he would be a thief but to the clan he would be a HERO!... seeing this is already on a cd it can't be change what it is, but I can see where the Bodhran would work, but also keep it soft for a lullaby...again thank you!

I gave a listen to "I Love you..say it to me softly... nice would love to hear lyrics put to it sometime....

yours in music...Delta

Ladee V
over 30 days ago to Lloyd Eddie Perry

Thank you for taking the time to listen and reiew my Epic Orchestra piece. I appreciate your high marks and glad you enjoyed. Thanks again.

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over 30 days ago

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over 30 days ago to Lloyd Eddie Perry

Thank you very much Lloyd for your great review of Song: Rapazzi - Tarred & Feathered - N. Much appreciated.

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