Have been playing in Bands since I was 14 years old. Started in a five piece cover Band called Jagged Edge. Joined the Army but continued to jam with mates. Been writing my own material since then. Played and wrote music for other bands such as South West Territory and Coldwater. Now freelancing the hard way...Lol

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After meeting a brilliant bloke Pete Hurst, I have returned to writing and recording. I am so glad. Plus the connections I have made on here and friendship with Mitch Siegal, Sun Voyage, 2 cent revival and others with their positive feedback has boosted me back on the musical path. I hadn't played in public for about 8 years and now I attend regular events which I play at. Like riding a bike.
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Great News as I became a Finalist Songwriter in Song of the Year 2015
with the song Snake in the Grass :-)

Noodles, Congrats. All Great stuff, particularly Snake in the Grass evoking the original American Flag of a Rattlesnake with the legend "Don't Tread On Me!" While the flag in now a version of the British flag, and the Icon the American Bald Eagle (Bird of Prey), the original snake still leads as the country's motto. Only though Music are we truly free and united as One. Good Job! - N

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Jason Lloyd-Bevis (Noodles)
over 30 days ago

Thank you . Thats a really cool comment. :-)

Entered into the Song of the Year. Came Runner Up.
Awesome. Here's the Link http://writers.songoftheyear.com/jasonlloydbevis.html 1

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