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I was born in Carolina, Puerto Rico in 1986. I have been singing since I was two years old at home, then my passion grew to sing in churches, family gatherings, picnics, school plays, theater...you get the idea; I sang everywhere I started composing my own songs at the early age of seven. Later I learned how to write music and took lessons for playing the flute. I have lived in many countries overseas and have been able to expand my horizons through being part of theater plays, concerts, musicals through London, Germany, Belgium, Panama, El Salvador, Puerto Rico, and the United States. I love to write songs that are good for the whole family and that inspire people in a positive way. My dream is to become a role model for others to follow and to empower young women to make a commitment to succeed and establish a relationship with Jesus Christ early in life rather than never. My inspiration comes from the good I see in people, especially when a crisis exists. Blessings to you all!

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