Living Syndication Bio

Pervez Taufiq - Vocals
Michael Desmond - Guitar
Andy DeCicco - Bass
Gregg Irick - Drum

That thought that you are doing something or saying something for the first time is a thought people have been having throughout all time. Every word, every action, has been conceptualized by someone before you, they are for all intents and purposes, syndicated. So when you actually DO forge new ground, innovate, and give way to something new, you are in fact living syndication. This is the concept behind the band that's attempting to change the way you listen at music, Living Syndication.

Living Syndication may fall into the category of hard and heavy rock but there are perceptible facets to this stone sounds of Eastern Indian instrumentation lend an aura of mystery and hypnoticism to songs; shades of jazz fusion subtly influence; moments of acoustic music punctuate the vibe of a song; while pure energy pulls up the weight of intensity. With a collectively diverse background from the members of this Boston-based band who are Pervez Taufiq on lead vocals, Mike Desmond on guitar, Andy DeCicco on bass, and Gregg Irick on drums Living Syndication have formed a sound that in a short period of time has begun to generate attention.

Selling over 5,000 copies of the debut release OM FACTOR, Living Syndicaton was able to generate a strong following that has only grown stronger in anticipation of their sophomore release, "Aneurythm".

With song writing that transcends the boundaries of the genre, Living Syndication has been building their second album, Aneurythm, for 2 1/2 years. "It's something that we are truly proud of," says singer Pervez Taufiq. With a variety of musicalities within the tracks, it's impossible to brand this band. Being compared to band such as Tool, Staind, Sevendust with a fusion of Ravi Shankar, it's easy to see why they're gaining so many fans worldwide.

Living Syndication has shared the stage with bands like Earshot, Sevendust, Filter, Shinedown, Lacuna Coil, Crossfade, Kill Hannah, and packed clubs and theaters between Boston to Florida. Having been in the studio for a majority of 2 years, LS is looking forward to connecting with it's fans this year.


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