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DJ Live works with Highland Music Pros, a new company that helps unsigned talent.


Trent Live was born in WarmSprings, Georgia. He entered the military in 1988, served in Desert Storm and Shield in 1991. Trent had the opportunity to open for Busta Rhymes at the "Back to School Power Jam, 1999" at Cohen Stadium, El Paso, Texas 1999. He also had the opportunity to perform on the same stage as Destiny's Child, Tracy Spencer, Lil Troy, and Ja Rule. Trent's last big gig was his opening for the R&B group, Silk, which toured Korea in 2000. He's been in the music business since the age of fifteen. Trent has a BS Degree in Social Psychology and now pursuing a MA Degree in Human Resources and Management at Webster University. Trent has his own recording studio which he calls Tightwork33 Entertainment. He' is currently producing music for all genres. As a songwriter, producer, and arranger, one can tell that his stage presence cannot be denied.

Tightwork33 Entertainment

The founders of this Independent record label were musical masterminds who met in El Paso, Texas. Tightwork Entertainment emerged on the scene when Trent Live and C-Lo saluted the American flag on the Fort Bliss military post.

With so many negatives stereotypes about the culture, one would wonder how so many Hip Hop and R&B artists maintain a clear head and not fall into the traps many artists have fallen into.

"C-Lo" (aka Christopher Pinellas) explains about the money (although money is something we must have to buy the material things we need and want) it's about the love and passion one has for the music he or she is making. Not only for the people but, for the individual making the music. Wrap that up with faith and trust and you have a musical masterpiece.

The artists at Tightwork33 are able to assure listeners that they too, will feel the same live Tightwork has for its music. The group also states that the lyrics are true to life and can easily be related to their success.

Positive attitudes, realism, and a memorable performance-that's what you can expect from this dynamic group of performers. Tightwork33 has a lot to offer the music industry-not only in El Paso, Texas, but worldwide!

Currently the "team" consists of six recording artists. The company has its personal band members who are dedicated to playing bass guitar, lead guitar, drums, and keyboard.

Press Info

2004- Miss Black El Paso Pageant, El Paso, Texas
2004- Miss America Pageant, El Paso, Texas
2000- Silk during Korean Tour
1999- Power 102 Back to School Power Jamm with headliner act, Busta Rhymes.

Look at Shortee is in the Top 10.


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Lauren Hill
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We are looking for Y.O.U.

Currently, Tightwork33 is seeking hot rappers, singers, and songwriters to work with its upcoming projects. We'll work diligently to get you to the maximum level.

Email us with your contact information and someone from the Tightwork Team will contact you within 72 hours.

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