Little Stevie and the FatRatz are a figment of my imagination some multi-tracking and a little help from my friends we are a small community of writers ,players exc exc exc that have known each other for many years and for some strange reason still enjoy each others company and getting together to pitch songs to one another
we hope you will enjoy our humble offerings as much as we enjoy making them for you

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Gonna work on a song in my friends studio called "Everybody changes somebody's life" this weekend hope the initial results come out good!


Little Stevie & the FatRatz is a figment of my imagination and some multi-tracking with me "Steve" and my friends "Rat'z" I present here our humble offerings to digital immortality with the sincerest best wish's from all of us to all of you....we will live on in history?,imfamy? or sumpthin!

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Hi Little Stevie - Thanks for your kind words and if it made you tap your toes, then it did its job; the highest compliment you could give.

I listened to your other two tunes and loved them both. First, they shocked me, they were so different; which is great; lots of people get stuck in a rut or genre, you seem to exist in a few - good for you. I really like your writing, man and your voice suits your style; would love to hear more.

...and your Jane Doe song is the most fun and entertaining song I've heard yet, on the site. I mean, I actually remember your tune Stevie; don't know that I can say that for any other tunes, yet.



Hey Stevie - I have to tell you how much I love that Jane Doe tune; I can't get it out of my head; I think it's that annoying guitar line and that annoying synth. And I don't mean annoying in a bad way. I mean annoying as in it digs into you; gets stuck in your head. I mean annoying in a good way. I went and read the story behind it and the lyrics and it's great. I laughed, when I read your sister-in-law's comment. That was hilarious. Shows you how effective the lyric is.I love this kind of writing; keep it up, man. I would love to hear a high end production of this tune. And I love your voice on it. It really works. I couldn't hear this song with another vocal. It's perfect. It's so....street. Great tune, man. Wish I had written it.

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Well bless your soul and thank you for the kind words yeah for some dang reason it jabs at me too :-)

Hey man, I just listened to Radio, I love it. Would love to download it and be able to listen in my car. Also, just a recommendation I wouldn't pan your vocals into the right speaker, keep em centered as to give more full sound but instruments you can pan freely.

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Thanx Drew mybuddy who has the recording studio has some strange ideas I do my best to bring him back to earth,will mention it to him, that is actually a first rough mix...he remixed it somewhere else but I like the rough mix better

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