Lili McGovern has 3 recordings available: her self-produced solo cd "a bare calliope" , the 2002 compilation releases of "Seasons of the Witch" book/cd and "Seasons of the Witch" double cd available on & CD Baby .com. She's performed with Will H. Johnson, The Derry Aires and the honey V's. She currently resides in Bellingham, WA and crafts Spirit Dolls under the name Joyful Essence.

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Lili McGovern dreams not only in color but in sounds--movie scores and symphonies to be exact. "I experience movie-like dreams complete with sound while I'm sleeping. I realized I had to do something to hone that dream state into a more tangible form". With singing her first love and the composition already in place, Lili realized that it was time to embrace songwriting. "I always wanted to sing for as long as I can remember, but the songwriting part sort of just happened as a part of my singing journey."
In 1999, she decided to enlist the expertise of vocal coach, Peggy Monaghan to realize her lifelong dream of becoming a 'folksinger'. At her first vocal lesson, Lili noticed a poster for the Alaska Public Radio Network 'Song of the Year' Contest. "I wrote my first song in 2 weeks on the piano. When I recorded it with a friend, my mic was duct-taped to our vacuum cleaner! I didn't win the contest, but I knew I'd finally found the career path I'd been searching for-a way to give back to the community and express my experiences in a positive, valuable form."
Look for McGovern on her debut solo cd, "a bare calliope" released June 2003 and on the 2002 releases of "Seasons of the Witch" book/cd and "Seasons of the Witch" double cd available at

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