1000 Radio Play

KANM Austin, TX Added "What If"
KCSF San Francisco, CA Added "What If"
KNDD Seattle, WA Featured "Battle Lines" and "What If"
WBAI New York, NY Added "What If"
WSIA Staten Island, NY Added "Happy"
WRIF Detroit, MI Added "Crawl", "Only You" and "Dirt", featured "Battle Lines", "Happy", "What If" and "Vitamin R"
WXRT Chicago, IL Featured "What If" and "Roll On"
WBUZ Nashville, TN Added "Happy"
CHAY Barrie, ON Toronto/Hamilton, ON London, ON Featured "Happy" and "Only You"
Montmartre FM Paris, France Album Happy added to rock programs
104.6 RTL Berlin Berlin, Germany Added "Happy"
Forth FM Edinburgh, Scotland Added "Happy" and "Only You"
CBAA N.S.W., Australia Featured "Crawl", "Happy", "What If" and "Only You"

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