I am 73 years old, almost 74. I've been a musician, singer/songwriter for over 60 years. I lived in Arkansas for 13 years and that's where I learned bluegrass music.
I've written mostly traditional country music, but also some gospel, some bluegrass and some instrumentals. I'm also a disabled veteran. I can't get around quite as much as I used to, so I'm trying other means to get my music out there. I'm really not interested in a professional revue of my music because I'm too damned old to change!!

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Don't have much news. I don't perform on stage anymore, but I have performed with a few singers such as Mel Street, Ernest Tubb, Johnny Paycheck; I've also been privileged and blessed to play with a few of the premier pickers out of Nashville and Arkansas. Some of those same pickers played on my Schermerhorn Country cd. What a thrill!
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