Welcome to Lanre's Website, your portal to the LANRE' experience and an opportunity to preview some songs from the long awaited debut Album "Conversations", as well as hot new singles as they come.

LANRE' is an exceptional talented singer/songwriter whose sound is a fresh blend of old and new school. Incorporating elements of R&B, Jazz, Hip-Hop with unique, witty lyrics, Lanre's music will have you head bopping, dancing and thinking!

LANRE" would like to give a "Big Thanks" to all of his loyal fans, the world over, for their support and positive energy.

If you haven't heard...you are implored to take a listen,because the music is nice! It is guaranteed that you'll understand once you get a taste of LANRE'S musical Stew! So listen up and enjoy.


Lanre's a soft spoken musician who traces his roots to Nigeria. An artist who has already scored a top 5 pop hit in Nigeria, Lanre's expertise as an impressive singer/songwriter brings an equally likeability to his music. Neo Soul with a pop and often R&B influence, Lanre's music will have you quickly dancing, and singing! With a Knack of writing songs that appeal to peoples' deepest emotions, Lanre's music can bring you through emotional ups and downs with skill reminiscent of his of his influences, Jill Scott, Erykah Badu, Eric Benet and Jamiroqui. A prolific and inspiring songwriter, at any one time, he is likely to be working on a number of different songs. A crowd favorite and pop star in Buffalo, NY and Nigeria, Lanre is turning out to be potentially the next new original thing to the music world. His new music video is also the number one most requested video locally in the western New York and Ontario, Canada area.

Lanre' is currently gaining exposure in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Florida, California, Missouri, Ohio, Oregon, as well as Toronto, Montreal, Hawaii, Austria, Australia,Portugal, Spains, Estonia,France,Engalnd Germany, Italy, Sweden, The Netherlands and more.

Lanre' is determined to participate in the preservation and promotion of his genre of music by blending the past, present and future into his own positive, unique and timeless contribution to the art of positive, musical expression the world over while striving to cultivate a clean heart and a fertile mind. Even though Lanre' might still be flying under the "radar”, this gifted and “self-contained”, artist who exhibits the ability to please the ear, soothe the soul, stimulate the mind and make one sing along, will not remain unknown for much longer, God willing!

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