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In an industry where lyrical content includes money, flashy accessories, and
women, twenty-four year old Latrell Weaver a.k.a Kydd Trell contains the
entire package. A Saint Louis native , Kydd is establishing himself among
the elite in the hip hop genre with innovative and honest lyrical mastery.
As A child Kydd found himself writing M.C's Lyrics down, to memorize and to
also develop his understanding of the artistry of the word connection and
the struggle that artist encounter in everyday life. As his passion and
talent grew ,now nine years in the music business ,he and close friend Kenny
Thomas and now co C.E.O established "DA Underground Railroad" where rival
gangs and close friends could not just rap but focus there time in the
recording studio's instead of the streets. With the success of the
"Railroad" Kydd Trell has went on to sell over 100,000 mix tape units in the
streets of Saint Louis. Which grew his popularity in the streets and to
local and national artist and producers such as Huey, Jibbs, Ebony Eyez,
Aloha, J-Bo (Young Bloods), Rich Boy, L-Roc, Niddy( So So Def) Polo DA Don,
Basement Beats, Track Boyz, Young Jeezy, Terry Allen(C.T.E) ,Raw Beats, Bow
Wow and the Beasterz. With television appearances on Bet's Spring Bling ,
106& Park. MTV's TRL, Cribs, and Wild& Out Kydd is grown custom to the
television and the road touring with Young Jeezy , Dub Car Tour, Scream
Tour, Bow Wows Price Of Fame Tour, and Huey Tour. With an online showing
with the popular site Myspace, Kydd has collected over ten million plays and
counting with thousands of YouTube hits. Now with so many task at hand ,
Kydd contains focus,duration and the hunger to show the world his god given
talent. Now under management of Jay Martin (Railroad Ent),the grind of
Kenny Thomas and the drive of Kydd Trells his stardom is rising to new
heights. Also with the ongoing buzz of his lyrical talent and music,
charismatic personality will mesmerize , and ultimately his life story and
his experiences will keep you wanting more, as this sweltering hot artist
makes waves in the music industry in years to come.

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