It was inevitable... a woman with a microphone in hand at age 9, with a college degree moving words around to create poetry, and a passion for performing would become one of Seattle's premier singer songwriters. Kristin Chambers sings with exceptional power and clarity and at other times her sweet, gentle voice makes grown men weep.
Kristin's songs are intimate; drawn from real life experiences. Try as you may, Kristin cannot be defined by any single music genre - one song so bluesy you think you are in a hot Chicago nightspot; one tune surely is a pop/rock classic; then a folk gem; and still another with just a touch of country.
You may hear echoes of great singers spanning generations in Kristin's recordings and live performances. But her writing and voice are truly authentic Chambers. One recognizes Kristin instantly when hearing one of her recordings; the voice, lyrics and style are her own

Sounds Like: Brandi Carlile, Sara Bareilles

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Kristin just released here full length Christmas album "Snow Globe" which includes 5 original songs. Available at iTunes and


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