Just a guy with a computer and a dream, tryin to live it out... tried doin the "group" thing once, but I was the only one not tryin' to hog the spotlight during practice, so one day I unplugged from the mixer, threw on my headphones and made sumthin from scratch that had them scratching their heads...I knew then that I was better off workin' solo, so for the last 15 years or so, that just what I've been doin...during this time I found the computer...and here I am! I find myself influenced in one way or another by everything I hear, but if this is where I get to drop names, then here goes: Aphrodite, Orbital, Beat Junkies, Infected Mushrooms, Sneaker Pimps, LTJ Bukem, Amon Tobin, Portishead, Dynamix II, Baby Anne, DJ Micro, John Kelley(without him, I would never have gotten STARTED!), and the list goes on for miles...
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