The Birth of Konu

Hip-Hop and Island Rhythms had a baby and they called it Konu. From Bob Marley to Dr. Dre, Sublime, Fiji and everyday life itself, Konu has soaked in all that inspires him and shot it back out through his own vision and voice. Pounding 808 drums and melodic ukuleles may seem like opposites of the spectrum, but Konu finds a way to sculpt them into works of his distinct style.

This native Californian with roots across the globe released his first full length CD, Kinky Town after years of rapping and producing for others. The smooth reggae sound of ?Neni Girl? and the thunderous warrior chant ?Zuya? introduced the world to Konumusic for the first time. After promoting and performing in support of Kinky town, Konu once again hit the studio and crafted his current release, ?CoCo Shack.? He says, ?This album is me perfecting what I always wanted to do musically, the evolution of what I started with Kinky Town.? Melodic choruses, hard drums, personal lyrics and easy pacing are all present in his latest creation.

Rapper Woodie says that Konu?s music is ?real and refreshing,? while Freestyle/R&B artist Sharyn Maceren says ?it?s sexy.? Either way you put it, Konu?s genre bending music is definitely worth giving a listen to.

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