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Konik polny, an appropriate name for the nature of his music. If you ask him what it means, he look at you, and smiles, and tells you about a party, the terknival in Holland in 2000, of repeated police control and attacks, of trucks, and vans... of people and friends, travelling the Dutch highways looking for a place for the party / meeting on their road..... Berlin becomes his house, my city . he moved to the German capital in 2000 where the underground electronic scene was florishing And since then he plays in the numerous clubs pulsating with life: The Kopi, historical squatt, the Love parade, Suppamolli, Maria, and the Fishladen, all places of cult status in the tekno music scene. It is here that its sonorities purchase consistence, shot through the speakers like bullets piercing through the dancing bodies, an artistic expression of a music in continuous evolution. It is music which is visceral, vibrating, a fusion of underground tekno: dark and repetitive with soft sonorities neighboring culture drum and bass, and breakbeat. His ideal place for expression are technivals, in the last four years he has participated as spectatore and musician in almost all the technivals in Europe, in particular his favorite the technival in the Czech republic (CEKTEK) where one is transported a fantastic atmosphere that fascinates him, the live sets seem to transmit states of animo, transforming from acid music lines,to dark and even playful sonority. In the last years he has been playing at the Cinema of Barcelona, the Wagon Club, Wroclaw in Poland, the nation that has entertained him on so many occasions. In Vienna he played at a tekno-instrumental performance while accompanied by a flutist of the Kunst Academie, one of the best academies of classical music in the world, where he played electronic music to the melody of the transverse flute. 2005 was an important year; deep together with a Polish friend (Pala dj) ,JOINT OPERATION Record, one who is born with the idea to create an international network of artists, from the world of commercial music. The symbol of the sea little horsebiomeccanic, the phi and the numerical series of Fibonacci, in short, a fusion of pure matemathics and art, that are the same thing..... ideas and philosophy concretised in music. And, during the summer, the meeting with a figure, mysterious, coming from east Europe, Fernando POO. They are united in a passion for music, taking form in the first release "tekattack" Out in the summer 2005. For the promotion of his record and the young label, begining in the summer 2005 an European tour, that in few months will bring him to play from 1 head the other of Europe. Exhibiting him in numerous clubs. The most importants was: In July, to the first edition of the musical festival of Tuchola in Poland, after he plays on the Stubniz, the ex fishing-boat in the port of Amsterdam. And finally to conclude the summer in beauty, participates in the Festival M.D.A.Q. in sicilia, where it will exhibit him with artists of the caliber of Amon Tobin, Dom and Roland, Chris Clark and many others. In his music studio, immediately after the summer, he has given life to the second record,INSECTOPHOBIA, record that was out in December 2005. Meanwhile continuous to work, sat in front of the computer, with hisdog that sleeps in armchair and a winter that delays to arrive!

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