(1) When I was little, my family travelled to places like New Zealand, Malaysia, London and etc. It wasn't easy moving from place to place but, I was able to see and touch different kinds of cultures. At 15, I started composing, using the guitar & piano.
(2) At 19 (I'm 24 now), I worked for a Philippine-based Japanese company. Work wasn't easy, but fortunately, along the way I met warm people who encouraged me to continue believing in my songs.
(3) My friend and a prominent gentle man, was the light and water that kept the seed from dying. And a fine Japanese lady created the seed, I mean inspired me to compose. If I did not knock into the footsteps of either one of this person, any of my songs wouldn't have exist at all. But thank God, they exist in this world. MY DREAM: One of my compositions will be played in a famous movie. And, one day famous artists like West Life, Mandy, The Calling & etc will perform my compositions.


Hi there, my name is Koji Ishikawa. Iam 24 years old and Iam a Japanese-Filipino (my father is a Japanese, and my mother is Filipina).
I started composing songs when i was age 15, using piano and guitar. What inspired me to start making songs? To tell you the truth, my music teacher when i was in junior high was the person who inspired me, a beautiful gentle lady at her early 30s.
NAME: Koji B. Ishikawa BIRTH DATE: April 23, 1979. I LIKE TO: Watch movies (every week end), Read Japanese comics, Go to unexplored places with friends and Compose a Song (My genre is Multi. I can make Love songs, Ballades, Rock, Alternatives and etc). LOVE LIFE: No time for love life...I only have time for love songs that's playing on the radio!

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