The Knight Brothers consist of four brothers from Maryland raised on their uncles farm in Frederick County. They bring their voices together to harmonize to their original music like only family can. The newest self titled project consists of 9 orginals and one remake of the Doobie Brother's classic, "Listen To The Music". The self produced and arranged CD illuminates their diversity while maintaining their familiar harmonious sound.

About My Brothers and I

The Knight Brothers....yeah, we are brothers. One of the greatest gifts God has given us is music to share as a family. Through the many trials in life, including the loss of our extremely talented oldest brother Chuck, music has brought us together and given us a way to channel those feelings and have allowed us to heal. We think that is what our fan base likes about us. Threaded in with the sibling harmony is the energy that brings the audience into our family circle giving folks a sense of belonging to this family. We write our own music born out of our experiences, both serious and light. We have been invited to perform privately for heads of many major labels but just haven't landed the "big one", so our focus has been redirected into what it should have been all along...just enjoying this great gift of music. Along the way we have been able to share the stage with our musical heroes and our top political leaders, all the while just being the boys in the living room, singing cause its what we love.

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rick hile
over 30 days ago to Knight Brothers

do u guys ever consider recording outside material.i really enjoyed listening to your tunes and feel my songs would be a good fit.i write top notch country tunes and would luv to work with tunes r on facebook on my facebook homepage all u have to do is click on my taxi name is rick hileand I hope to hear from u

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