Thanks for checking out my page. Let me introduce myself: I'm Kathy McCarter and I am a woman who LOVES THE LORD!! I also love music, but not NEARLY as much! :0)

I believe God has given me a gift to share with the world and this is part of the next phase of ministry for me.

As you listen to my songs, please allow them to minister to you. It is my prayer that you would draw close to the Lord Jesus Christ, that He would "compass" you "about with songs of deliverance," (Psalm 32:7) and that my music will become a venue for you to meet with the Holy Spirit.

So, sit back and enjoy! Don't forget to give me your feedback as well.

@~ Kathy ~@

Kathy McCarter

Kathy has been singing for as long as she can remember. If she wasn't singing along with tv jingles or sitcom theme songs, she was belting out whatever was on the radio. She was always surrounded by music as a child and has always had a love for it.

Since her first solo in a 5th grade musical production, Kathy has majored in live performance. She was actively involved in the music departments in elementary, junior and senior high school. She was given 2 solos in "Kids On Broadway" at Forest Park Middle School, performed 2 numbers in Forest Park High School's "Puttin' On the Hits," and was voted Best Singer by the Class of 1989, Forest Park High School.

Kathy was saved in 1985 and joined the Voices of Deliverance church choir where she began to express her love for God through the ministry of song. She was given many opportunities to lead songs where her unique flavor came through. Many listeners shared how they were blessed by her ministry.

Giving all glory and honor to God for her gifts and talents, Kathy continued to develop as a praise and worship leader. She became a member of the praise team at Church of Deliverance (now Word of Deliverance Ministries For the World) for several years. In 2000, she joined Higher Ground Ministries Family Center and served as one of the psalmists. She was also a member of the Oracles of Praise worship team. During this time, she participated in live CD recordings with Barbara Pinkston (Barrow Music Group) and Pastor Steven White and the Oracles of Praise (Barrow Music Group).

Now a member of Fresh Start Ministries, Inc., Kathy is still committed to allowing God to direct her in every phase of her ministry. She serves as a member of Fresh Praise and willingly yields her talents to the Lord.

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