Kitty Rhombus formed in Madison, WI in 2007, though certain members now reside in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Utilizing this dual citizenship, they frequently perform in both cities. After a demo in 2008 and the 2009 EP, When The Walls Fell, Kitty Rhombus released their first full length album, Lips And Arms in 2010.

The abrupt changes and stilted grooves of Lips And Arms bring the listener along on a multi-dimensional, sci-fi themed thrill ride comprised of a psychedelic mouse, contemplations on teleporting to the gas station, and out of body experiences resulting from expired anesthetic.


"While this year's mighty Lips And Arms might not fully capture the transcendent live presence of vocalist-guitarist Ian Stenlund jumping into the crowd, jaggedly picking at his guitar, and screaming his surrealist verses into the faces of confused bystanders while donning a flashing strobe-light that's duct-taped to the helmet strapped to his skull, it comes damned close. From the inverted disco-punk of "Doug's Gone Manic" to the spastic, seven-minute epic "Divine Dramedy," the slick production adds a new dimension to both Stenlund and Lee Chato's conversational guitar work and the air-tight, rhythmic grapple between bassist Jason Stanek and drummer Matt Styrwoll."- A.V. Club's Top Ten Madison Albums of 2010

"Local band Kitty Rhombus is one of those groups that thrive on finding the layer of order that exists in chaos -- then cracking its shell and unleashing an even more spectacular version of mayhem."- Jessica Steinhoff (The Isthmus)

"Pretty soon, the band's segueing from layered pop harmonies to funky jams to deranged circus waltzes at warp speed, never skipping a beat. The overall effect is bound to make you crazy -- crazy for Kitty Rhombus."- The Isthmus

"Kitty Rhombus approaches their experimental, proggy noise rock like devious students of geometry. Most songs rise up out of unrelated musical pieces as the band interlocks riffs and quick-shifting time signatures into M.C. Escher-like mazes. But unlike Escher's drawings where staircases lead nowhere, the four-member band bends the music to their will and into unexpected, purposeful structures that are jarringly emotional."- Square 77,

"Lips And Arms feels like the work of a bunch of hacker kids assembling a multi-faceted computer attack--only instead of malevolent strands of code, the members contribute sneaky 5/4 beats, elf-chorus vocals, or guitar lines that frantically itch their way through mangled melodies. Each song ends up lurching from one episode of controlled dissonance to another, and, even more strangely, the songs and album as a whole all flow together." - A.V. Club

"Aside from being knock-you-on-your-ass great, Lips and Arms is well thought out through the melody and production. A lot of credit should go to Dustin Sisson who took what could have amounted to a great deal of racket but turned it into a great album. I believe Lips and Arms should prove to be a Madison music beacon. While there aren't many people making the type of music Kitty Rhombus is turning out I can only hope it might inspire more bands to explore their sound." -Josh Trinkner Dane101

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