DJ Magazine (**** Star Review)
... Their sound is raw and edgy acid disco punk funk pop. And to date they've released a series of coloured 7" releases, which include the club hit 'Disco Assassinator'.

Their debut LP opens with the Candi Staton and The Source inspired 'Namuka Bay', dips into the more abstract 'Runaway', and delves deeper into acid on 'Reach'n For A Higher Love' .... tracks such as 'Air Guitar', the Daniel sung 'Hanging by a Rope' and 'Disco Assassinator' will stand out in any set.

Andrew Weatherall "Yeah, cheeky. Like It"
Tiga “I like the spacey feel and it grew on me. Now I love it. Soon I will lurve it"
Benny Benassi “Very Good”
Ivan Smaghie “Kinky Disco is great”
Mark Moore "A cool 7" indeed! Nice modern Neu! Vibe"
Eddy Temple Morris (XFM) "A great twisted track, def play for me."
Tasty Tim "Totally loved this @ The Cock on Friday"
James Hyman (XFM) “Love this, will squeeze on show”
Rev Milo (Kiss FM)"Icey chill -cool and moody."
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