Kim Yarson has been working on the craft of songwriting for 22 years and honing her guitar skills and vocals along the way. Kim doesn't like to define herself as anything other than a singer/songwriter writing from her heart, but she has been compared to the wildly talented Stevie Nicks, Sheryl Crow and once told by a fan after seeing her perform, "if Adam Sandler and Alanis Morrisette had a child, it would be you!"

Her most recent accomplishment was working with Nashville's best musicians and background vocalists in the industry to produce her third album Joy for its July 2014 release. Joy is receiving attention from music supervisors as she pitches this body of songs for film/TV.

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Kim Yarson released a single to the Swiss charts called Happy Day with her co-writer and publisher Rolf Schnyder in a project called Cool Clover. Her website for this project can be found at
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